SWIFT 10HP(Type 5P) First registered 2 March 1931, VC7251

A Colliers' demonstration model in Gotrel ownership since 1935.

Temporary repair to float chamber, and comment on materials.

Lugs of float chamber are too weak for threading (thread inserts would not be traditional).  Hence, the bridle arrangement as a temporary repair.  An earlier bronze model is a preferred alternative.

One would think it easy to remove the carburettor retaining nuts, but, with period Whitworth spanners - it aint!

The water return manifold is peculiar - being a combination of bronze and aluminium, having a threaded junction.  The aluminium snout corrodes and is severely pitted.  I am not sure how much is original, bronze precedes aluminium in its use.  Corrosion was not generally understood, an all aluminium manifold may have failed prematurely, but, why repair it with a combination of materials?

Core plugs in the engine block are aluminium and threaded.  I do not know if Swift were trying to save weight or providing a sacrificial anode.

Solex, I am told, marketed their innovative light alloy carburettor to be more fuel efficient than the current bronze model, and stated savings.  I wonder if it was a con? based on reduced weight only, copper/bronze is three times heavier than aluminium.



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